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the nato (nate oldenhuis) lab 

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We are a group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire tucked between the mountains and the sea.

We seek to use biologically derived and bioinspired monomers to create and control properties of soft materials. Read more.

Our group firmly believes in creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity. We are committed to continually educating and improving ourselves to better dismantle systemic racism and other barriers that pervade not only in science but in all institutions. Read our statement. 

If you are an undergraduate student,  graduate student, or postdoctoral researcher who is interested in working at the interface of chemistry, biology, and material science please reach out to us.

recent news

11/30/2022 Lola and Pat join the group as graduate students, tres bien

8/24/2022 Austin and Owen join the group as undergraduate researchers, Gnar Bar!

07/12/2022 The groups first paper is published in JACS with the Johnson Lab!

06/18/2022 Malika, Zoe, and April join the lab for summer fun!

04/01/2022 Aylin Joins the lab, tebrikler!

03/01/2022 Kelsey joins the lab, Skol!

01/13/2022 Shaina joins the lab, dang!

12/07/2021 Aubrianna and DK join the lab, Gnarly!

11/23/2021 A paper Nate helped with gets published in nature chemistry, SICKKKK!

09/13/2021 Sydney and Sam join the group, YES!

07/30/2021 The lab turns one! We made it! Can I retire now?

02/01/2021 Rachel joins the lab as a undergraduate researcher, mega-cool!

05/30/2021 Charles graduates and now works at sartorius!!

01/05/2021 Charles joins the lab as a thesis student, bene!

12/04/2020 Tran Joins the group as a joint student, bravo!

10/09/2020 Wynter joins the group as a first year graduate student, tubular!

10/09/2020 Matt joins the group as a first year graduate student, bueno!

10/09/2020 - Dylan joins the group as a masters student, terrific!

09/24/2020 - Nick joins the group as a second year graduate student, amazing!

09/01/2020 - Gill joins the group as the first undergraduate, woohoo!

07/30/2020 - Nate makes a group website and twitter page. wow.

14 billion years ago - time begins. 

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